We are pleased to announced that FinCypher Finance platform is officially live!! Then how to stake FCH and earn more on the DeFi platform?

我们很高兴地宣布FinCypher Finance 平台正式上线了!那么如何在这个平台上面质押FCH赚取更多的回报呢?

Next, we will demonstrate how to use the FinCypher Finance platform for staking in MetaMask.

接下来,我们将演示如何在MetaMask里面使用FinCypher Finance平台进行质押挖矿。

First, open your MetaMask wallet and…


Jun, 2021

  • Development of Relayer Infrastructure (based on BSC) enabling easy development of DEXes specialized in FinCypher Derivatives;
  • Launch of Findex Beta;

Jul, 2021

  • Fincypher officially launched the BSC to reduce transaction fees and enable multi-chain deployments.
  • Officially open BSC solution of Binance smart chain to the…

What is FinCypher Crypto Collateralized Debt Obligations?

The FinCypher CCDO is the crypto equivalent of the financial CDOs. Our toolset enables the pooling of a large number of risky assets, such as DeFi loans, assets attached to betting results, even mainstreams receivables, and the application of trenching within a contract…

The FinCypher token has 2 main functions in the system:

  • it is applied as a base currency in the Fincypher ecosystem for the trade of Fincypher Crypto CDOs,
  • token drives the governance process in Fincypher ecosystem allowing stakeholders to securely execute Fincypher protocol upgrades.

FinCypher token will be the system’s governance token, empowering token holders to vote on updates to the platform. Combining governance mechanisms and incentivizing holders, it will serve as a means to align the different stakeholders in the system. Overall, decentralized, automated governance, that incentivizes participants and aims for security, sustainability, and participant welfare is key to a DeFi protocol’s success.


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